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​"We gave both our children a college graduation gift of CompleteCandidate Training. Nancy and Nadine are incredible! They expertly guided each graduate through the entire job search process from assessing skills and strengths, to building resumes and prepping and coaching for interviews. They are professional, compassionate and have an uncanny ability to know what each of their candidates needs at any point in time.  Both of my children felt empowered and strengthened after each session and each launched their careers with great jobs. I honestly think their program should be offered by colleges to graduating students. By far one of the best gifts we ever gave our children!" - Laura N, Parent of CompleteCandidate Program Graduate

"I cannot recommend Complete Candidate enough! Without their expert guidance, I would not be where I am today. Nancy & Nadine helped me gain the confidence and skills I needed to jumpstart my career search at the end of my senior year in college. Their coaching was personalized and tailored to my needs, and they were always available to answer my questions and provide support.  With their help, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses and learn how to effectively communicate my value to potential employers. Their guidance and feedback were invaluable throughout the job search process, and I felt supported every step of the way. Overall, I am so grateful for the team at Comp lete Candidate. Their dedication to helping their clients succeed is evident in everything they do. If you are looking for a career coach who truly cares about your success, look no further than Complete Candidate!" - Caroline F, CompleteCandidate Program Graduate 

"CompleteCandidate fills a niche that is sorely needed, but many do not realize they need. They help with how to apply, where to apply, who to reach out to and how to do so, how to follow up properly after an interview and what to say during the interview…I
could go on!!! More than this, right from his first meeting with you, our son started oozing a certain confidence. You assured him there were jobs out there, but it is a process. “Follow the process and success will follow!!” He needed this guidance and, as his parents, we could suggest but we did not know the game. You were able to sit him down, work with him and give him the tools he needed to succeed! He followed your lead, he did the work, and I am thrilled to say, he is working in the field he wants and in a location where he wants to be, because of your direction and assistance. We could not be happier and most importantly…HE could not be happier!
Nadine and Nancy, your personal touch, your skills and expertise, your ability to be there for our son when he needed you at a minute’s notice, and your desire to see him succeed as if he were your own child, makes you invaluable. WE THANK YOU!" - Aimee & Jeff L, Parent of CompleteCandidate Program Graduate

​"Complete Candidate helped my son find a great job after graduation. Every step was clearly laid out for him, and their advice was spot on.  From figuring out what jobs were right for him, to helping with his resume, interviews and follow ups - they were there to offer great insight and advice. Without Nancy and Nadine I have no doubt my son's job search would have taken much longer than it did! Count me as a very satisfied customer." - Jeffrey W, Parent of CompleteCandidate Program Graduate

"If there's one thing college doesn't teach you, it's how to organize your skills and past experiences, and articulate them in a way that presents you in the best version of yourself. CompleteCandidate did a wonderful job of doing just that. The coaches went above and beyond, before every interview, to not only review job descriptions and prepare me for all potential questions, but also provided me with a sense of confidence and strong belief in myself and my abilities. This helped me tremendously during the entire process, and I believe the skills CompleteCandidate taught me will continue to help me throughout my entire career." Jeff, CompleteCandidate Program Graduate 

​"Complete Candidate was a Godsend! The knowledge and expertise provided both of my sons in navigating the increasingly complex world of career search led them to employment with national companies in both of their chosen fields. For a college student looking to begin their job search, this is an invaluable tool and worth every penny. The follow up and continued support after they helped them secure employment was above and beyond. Highly recommend!" - Laura M, Parent of CompleteCandidate Program Graduate

"Thank you so much Nadine and Nancy for taking both boys under your wings and taking the time to get to know them so well! You were able to help them find jobs that will utilize their unique talents. I really do believe that’s the key to job satisfaction. Needless to say, they and we are on cloud nine over here! They couldn’t have done it without you two. I’m convinced that the brilliant pointers you gave them on how to stand out from the competition is what landed them their jobs. Thank you for sticking with them throughout their searches. Covid had an impact on their prospects but you and they kept plugging along. You really helped keep their confidence and spirits up more than you probably know." - Jackie B, Parent of CompleteCandidate Program Graduate

"Nancy and Nadine are incredible at what they do, completely knowledgable in their field and know how to advocate and motivate their clients. They are always on top of everything they do, and each session is filled with incredible insight and advice. Thank you Nancy and Nadine!" - Jacqueline F, CompleteCandidate Program Graduate