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what is completecandidate?

CompleteCandidate® Training was created as a direct response to a trend affecting recent college graduates in America.

An entire population of talent is graduating colleges and universities across the country and one by one, drifting into the abyss of their first job search. Millions of bright young minds are lost in the quagmire of their first endeavor, oftentimes stuck in the revolving door of the perpetual unpaid internship. Every media outlet is exposing the uncharted crevasse between college and career!

Recent College Grads are saying, “Where do I begin?” 

CompleteCandidate will help you prepare, package, and launch a targeted job search.  

CompleteCandidate will teach you how to differentiate yourself from the rest, driving and managing your own process and success.  

CompleteCandidate Training will prepare you around every aspect of your job search, build confidence, and teach you soft skills that will make a difference in each interaction.

Finding a job is mostly about cultivating new, vital, personal connections.

​That is why your CompleteCandidate Trainers insist on meeting you and introducing you to their methodology in person.  Your trainers will share their psychological insight and interpersonal expertise specifically toward your unique situation.

Without the personal connection, there will always be big gaps where data doesn't exist, is inaccurate, or misinterpreted.

​Participating in CompleteCandidate Training, will not only focus you on how to best use the resources of the app run, data driven, electronic culture. It will also illustrate the value of embracing the personal, relationship driven world of CompleteCandidate.

There is no editing in the interview process; gone is the luxury of deliberate packaging on social media.

​Preparing and launching your job search is immediate and interactive.

Being prepared DOES determine the outcome! 

Become a CompleteCandidate.

  • Do you know where to begin your search?

  • What resources are available to you?

  • Do you know the job types and companies that you should pursue?

  • Where do you find these jobs?

  • How do you introduce your candidacy?

  • Do you have a compelling introductory email or cover letter?

  • Does your resume represent you effectively?

  • Are you comfortable with your story and can you articulate your theme?

  • How would you best prepare for a phone screen?

  • What preparations would you take for a successful VIDEO interview?

  • How will you ultimately prepare for that crucial face to face meeting?

  • What questions will you ask?

  • What answers will you give?

  • What will you wear?

  • How will you make sure you communicate your value?

  • How will you sit?

  • What are the appropriate follow up protocols?

This list goes on and on and only CompleteCandidate has the answers.