The combined expertise, perspective, and proven results of CompleteCandidate founders, Nancy Thomas and Nadine Varca Bilotta, make CompleteCandidate Training a comprehensive, adaptable, process driven guide every job seeker will value.

“College Graduate” focused training already exists; however, none provides a COMPLETE step by step approach to the life cycle of a first job search.

These trainers offer decades of successes as the Owner Partners at The LOF Group, LLC, an Executive Search, Consulting and Training firm based in New York. Their access and insight into all aspects of Employment Services was the catalyst for CompleteCandidate Training.  Nancy and Nadine are proven and respected Executive Recruiters and Corporate Trainers, who now focus on sharpening the recent graduates’ ability to package and sell themselves.

Their New York based firm, The LOF Group, LLC Executive Search Division, has recruited Executive Recruiters and all levels of talent within Employment Services.  Nadine and Nancy have been recruiting, packaging and preparing the individuals that hire the candidates for over fifteen years. Their focus is a complete understanding of, not only the preparation needed to engage in a successful search, but moreover, the nuances of the recruiter's point of view. This duo has placed hundreds of recruiting professionals across the US, providing a valuable network and exclusive insight for this training.

Additionally, The LOF Group, LLC Consulting and Training Division has authored, developed, and delivered customized process training for prestigious corporations and esteemed recruitment firms across the U.S. since 2000.  Their knowledge and ability to dissect and articulate processes has produced highly effective training programs. Nadine and Nancy have coached hundreds of employees in both Corporate and Employment Agency environments, affording them a unique glimpse into the respected Fortune 100 climates and the settings of prominent employment services and recruitment firms.  Nadine and Nancy’s ability to drill down around the activities that yield success ultimately provides the valuable content and proven results of CompleteCandidate Training.


If there's one thing college doesn't teach you, it's how to organize your skills and past experiences, and articulate them in a way that presents you in the best version of yourself. CompleteCandidate did a wonderful job of doing just that. The coaches went above and beyond, before every interview, to not only review job descriptions and prepare me for all potential questions, but also provided me with a sense of confidence and strong belief in myself and my abilities. This helped me tremendously during the entire process, and I believe the skills CompleteCandidate taught me will continue to help me throughout my entire career.
Jeff, Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA 

I can say with confidence that CompleteCandidate training was a game changer for me and my career! The research and investigation CompleteCandidate demands prior to interviewing, was the single greatest contributor to my winning the position. I thought that since I had confidence and comfort in my abilities, I was prepared to win the job. My CompleteCandidate coaching reminded me to investigate the industry climate and trends, as well as my interviewers.  The extra hours of diligence paid off.  I was awarded the position, not only because of what I have accomplished, but moreover because my preparation and knowledge of my interviewers and their specific niche really blew them away.

Thank you CompleteCandidate.
Mary, Fordham University
New York, NY

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