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CompleteCandidate® Training provides the individual with detailed guidance around every aspect of their search. 

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Seminars are available to enhance your  Career Services or Athlete Development initiatives. These chronological and incremental seminars deliver the CompleteCandidate training and information to a larger audience, yet maintain the ability to meet every student exactly where they are today.

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CompleteCandidate® walks you through the steps of preparing, packaging and launching a targeted job search, and guides you through every aspect of your pursuit.  From driving and managing your own process, to the soft skills that will differentiate you from the rest, CompleteCandidate training creates the foundation to build your career. 

Bridging the Gap between graduates and their careers with preparation and process training.

CompleteCandidate® has worked with over 1400 clients, in every industry and in every part of the country, with a 98% success rate helping people find their CAREERS!


​CompleteCandidate® Training was created as a direct response to a negative trend affecting recent college graduates in America. An entire population of talent is graduating from colleges and universities across the country and one by one, drifting into the abyss of their first job search.