Over 800 clients have participated in our training program
and achieved a 98% success rate in finding their careers!
CompleteCandidate private coaching and training personalizes the process even further!    

Discovery and Packaging  

Includes an in-depth discovery session with both coaches. This meeting covers a candidate's experience, motivation, and most importantly, where they are going to fit, be happiest, and feel successful. Our coaches direct the candidate toward specific job types, companies, and industries that will support their success. Ultimately, your resume is recreated and contains vital words and necessary phrases to make sure you are noticed for your specific position and industry.            

Communication Coaching

Includes phone and video conference sessions with our coaches. Receive instruction on set up or revision of your LinkedIn profile, methods to communicate with future employers, Cover Letters, follow-up correspondence and dialogue.   

One on One Interview Prep

Includes phone and video conference sessions with our coaches. Receive specific individual coaching for the position your are interviewing for. Discuss interview questions, your personal blueprint and your overall presentation.

Post Interview Debriefing

Includes phone and video conference session with our coaches to discuss analysis of your interview, follow up, and how to create next steps around the opportunity.  

Ongoing Coaching

Includes phone and video sessions with our coaches. Full assessment and discussion regarding your job search. Individual consultation and recommendation on your direction and course.  

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CompleteCandidate Seminar Series provides the "How To" 

What if there was a Seminar Series that supported the processes and post-graduation goals of Career Services or Athlete Development initiatives?
What if there were incremental presentations to gain insight and provide tools and resources for the students' and athletes’ post-graduation plan? 
What if there were “how to” instructions to escort every student and student athlete to their after-graduation career?

There is! 
CompleteCandidate® has helped hundreds of college upper classmen and recent graduates secure their best first job out of college. The CompleteCandidate® Seminar Series supports a process driven program with a proven 98% success rate!  These chronological and incremental training modules have the information and ability to meet every student exactly where they are today. They provide information and exercises to help the candidates’ awareness and command of their own emotional intelligence and soft skills. Moreover, CompleteCandidate® Seminars furnish step-by-step instructions around preparing, packaging, and launching a targeted and successful job search.  
From sample resumes, cover letters, telephone scripts and thanks you’s, to the perfect packaging and networking strategies on LinkedIn, to specific interview preparation “musts” that create a confidence and consistency in every candidate, these Seminars have  it all, and have it all in process order. The Seminars not only help students and student athletes uncover the universe of employment possibilities, but also translates into customized training for each individual. Ultimately, these interactive Seminars can afford your team the insight and access to every student exactly where they are today, and provide executable next steps for the post-graduation plans of each student.
Call or email today to discuss the best way to seamlessly implement the CompleteCandidate® Seminar Series into your existing Athlete Development program or Career Services program on campus.

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The Complete Candidate Seminar Series with training materials is available for your school or program. 

The Complete Candidate training and information can be delivered in a chronological and incremental Seminar Series to a larger student population while maintaining the ability to meet every student exactly where they are today.

These Seminars are fun, interactive, and productive for ever attendee!

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private coaching and training 

​Available for purchase with a 7 hour minimum. Training includes a copy of the CompleteCandidate Workbook, a customized plan specific to the individual, and one-on-one coaching throughout the course of the program with Nadine Bilotta and Nancy Thomas.   

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